Serving the unserved, reaching the unreached

Have you ever thought how the house or society flat that you live in and proudly possess was constructed? It was not built in a day. It took years to evolve into its present shape. You may like to thank the builder for such a marvelous piece of work, without even thinking about the stark reality.

Education on Wheels (EoW) bus at ATS construction site on Dwarka Gurgaon Expressway

It was the labour who toiled in the sun, during the rain and shivering cold. More than the labour, their children Mr. Mathew of Deepalaya and Mr. Arun Thakur of ATS are inaugurating the new project with cutting of the ribbonsuffered when their parents went out for work just to afford two square meals a day. These people might have left their native land in search of jobs but does that mean one should be deprived of the rights that every child must have? Right to enjoy their childhood, right to have a safe, clean and healthy environment and what about right to education. Perhaps, there is only a few to think on these lines.

When we visited a construction site recently, we were moved by plight of these children. With strong determination we approached ATS greens and Eminence Constructions on Dwarka Expressway for education of these children in their labour camps. They agreed whole heartedly and

Lighting of the lamp to mark the occasion with positive energy

we decided to reschedule our Education on Wheels program from West Delhi to Dwarka Expressway from 29th September 2015. Since then, our bus has been visiting the sites to teach the children.

The project was formally inaugurated on 28th October 2015 in the presence of Mr. Arun Thakur, General Manager ATS and other senior officials. Mr. T K Mathew, Secretary & CE, Mt. P T Varghese, Director Admin, Ms. Jaswant Kaur Director CRM and Mr. Anil Thomas, Director HR were also present on the occasion. The programme started with lighting of lamp by Mr. T K Mathew alongwith representatives of ATS greens and a speech by Mr. P T Varghese.

Thereafter, children sang a few songs on the tunes played by Mr. Himanshu, the music teacher, who visits once a week. Soon the whispers were replaced by the musical notes. It was wonderful to see children sitting together disciplined and neatly dressed. It was difficult to imagine such transformation in this short period of one month. Thanks to our staff who has been working day in and day out for these children.

The parents were also happy to see their children sing in chorus. Thereafter, Mr. Arun Thakur and Mr. T K Mathew addressed the parents and the children. The message was loud and clear. There is nothing like gifting education to children for making India’s growth sustainable. For, the country’s future lies in the hands of bright and educated children and youth, the demographic dividend we flaunt so often.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya