SHGs an agent of change

Change is inevitable, change is the only constant – Benjamin Disraeli

Microfinance Staff of Deepalaya giving training to women in maintaining accounts and ledgers.Deepalaya collaborated with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) for formation of Self Help Groups in Distt. Mewat (Haryana). The project was sanctioned during July 2015 for a period of three years and aimed at formation of 200 SHGs. The team has already formed around 100 SHGs. Not only this, the project also aims at providing training to rural women so that they are able to understand the benefit of SHG formation, maintain records like minutes book, cash book, saving ledgers, loan ledgers etc. conduct meetings, decide unanimously and realize their potential.

In view of the above, Deepalaya SHG team conducted training on 16th August, 2016 and 23rd August, 2016 at Bawal and Village Kheda Khalilpur, Nuh respectively. Around 68 SHG (22 from Bawal and 46 from Nuh) members from 12 SHGs participated in the meeting.

Apart from the concept of SHG, the members also discussed social evils like  Female Feticide, sanitation,Training is being given by Deepalaya staff to the women in Bawal, Haryana importance of girl child education, domestic violence, how to deal with it, importance of legal literacy, rights of women, gender equity, disadvantages of child marriage. Women were very receptive to new ideas and decided to put up a fight for these problems. Not only this, they also decided that they will stand together to support any women facing such problems in the community.

Certainly, the SHG microfinance program has lent a new direction to women in Mewat, who were once stuck in the age-old practices of pardah system. They now step out of their house, operate bank account, and talk with people without fear.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya