Shinnyo En Japan – Nursing the dreams of the underprivileged

Deepalaya has been constantly working to empower the downtrodden and the underprivileged -- especially girls and women. The organization has devised different programs revolving around girl child education and higher education for women, enabling self-reliance. And there are organisations like Shinyo En Japan, who has helped us in treading this path.

The organization has been providing scholarship to girls who are interested in pursuing nursing as their career since 2007. The program has reached to 13 girls, 8 girls of them have completed their studies and are working in various hospitals across Delhi and Haryana and rest of the girls are studying and are in different years of their course. Once a year, representatives of Shinnyo En Japan reach out to these girls whom they have mentored over these years to assess the impact of the program.

This year, the meeting was arranged in Deepalaya Sanjay Colony Learning Centre on 14th September. The team members from Shinnyo- Mr. Yamoto, Mr.Koyama, Mr.Tsukurimichi, Mr. Nagai, and Mr.Naoya Sugazawa were very happy to interact with the girls and learn about how they are giving back to the community by helping needy people.

Later on, the team spoke about Shinnyo En Japan–a Buddhist Organization -- which enables all people regardless of their age, gender, nationality, or religious background to cultivate their innate Buddha nature, the kernel of enlightenment existing in all beings. The organization is led by Her Holiness, Shinso Ito. She is one of the few women to become a Buddhist master and attain the highest priestly rank of Daisojo. The organization works for world peace and the collection from the temple supports the education and other needs of Humanity across the globe. A part of the fund from the temple is helping Deepalaya girls to pursue the nursing course.

The visit culminated with the team taking a tour of the Learning Centre, the Vocational Centre and a brief about all the other programs running in the campus. The team distributed Gloves to the nursing students, which signified the need to reach out to the world and clean the environment, not only the external world but also the inner thought process of the people in this world. The students in turn presented a big handmade card to the team for expressing their gratitude towards the organisation. The students imbibed the message given by her holiness which reads as under:

“We all wish for a world of peace and contentment. Accomplishing this is no easy task, but we can always rely on the hope that comes from within. When we put our hopes into action, those efforts will spread out into the world to create a better future.”

— Her Holiness Shinso Ito



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya