Some priceless moments and memories to harp on!

A group of 23 Australian Students from Deakin University alongwith 3 faculties and 2 staff members visited A group of 23 Australian students from Deakin University visited Deepalaya Learning Centre, Sanjay ColonyDeepalaya Learning Center at Sanjay Colony on 14th January, 2016. The students are pursuing a degree course in Public Health and wanted to have a closer look at the public health scenario in India and to understand various demographic factors affecting it.

To start with Ms. Shikha Pal, Head – Learning Center (Sanjay Colony), along with her team welcomed the students with ‘Tilak’. They were then asked to gather in a large room to get introduced to Deepalaya and its rich story through a video ’35 years of Deepalaya’. Thereafter, Ms. Shikha further shared her own experience with the organization and how the staff is dedicated towards various causes.Two students from Deakin University interacting with a special child.

Then the students and faculties were given time to ask further queries and interaction. They were very curious and inquisitive about fund raising, managing the variety of projects, current scenario of social development sector in India, role of corporate social responsibility, challenges we face while dealing with the mindset of people, our approach towards handling difficult situations with community etc. Ms. Shikha then handed over the interaction to Ms. Rachana Kulshrestha, Executive Director – Deepalaya, who then took the lead to address their queries.

A student for Deakin University playing with an infant.After snacks and beverages, they were divided into 4 groups that were led by Ms. Rachana Kulshrestha (Exe. Director), Dr. Sangeeta Kardam (Head-Special Unit), Mr. Anil Thomas (Director HR) & Mr. Gaurav (Teacher – Deepalaya Learning Center) respectively and were taken for a tour of Deepalaya Learning Center, various programs and the community nearby.

Post lunch, there was a series of cultural performances that were put together by the children and staff of Deepalaya Learning Center, FADA, Vocational Training Center and Special Unit. Everybody was moved by the effort and the talent they witnessed. We did spot some of the students getting nostalgic while experiencing the love and affection they received from our children. In return, the Australian students performed a dance for our children and bought various products from the Special Unit & Learning Center worth Rs. 5000/-.

They finally took leave with a promise to come back again. Their hearts were filled with gratitude and love for the children, our team, & community with a special mention for Mr. T.K. Mathew, CE – Deepalaya, Ms. Jaswant Kaur, Director – CRM, Ms. Shikha Pal, Head – Learning Center and Ms. Rachana Kulshrestha, ED – Deepalaya for all the support and sharing.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya