Special Apps for the Special Unit

 Deepalaya Special Unit
The Deepalaya Special Unit has been functioning since 1993. Located within the premises of the Deepalaya School at Sanjay Colony, Okhla Phase II the Unit is functioning on the Community Based Rehabilitation Model and rehabilitates children and youth with various challenges- Physical, Mental/Intellectual, Hearing, Speech and Visual Impairment, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and other Neuro Muscular/ Neuro- Degenerative Disability.

A team of professionals- including an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist and Special Educators. The team assesses the students for their current abilities and draws up an individualized education plan. Short term and long term goals are then drawn up and necessary interventions done.
Deepalaya Special Unit, Special Apps for Special Unit
Educators and Therapists use purposeful activities to facilitate the child’s active participation in self- maintenance, academic and vocational pursuits and play and leisure activities that occur in the school environment using direct and indirect services as well as assistive technology and environment modification. The  team also collaborate with the parents, family members and other stakeholders in the child’s environment to help implement the rehabilitation program.

TOBY: Therapy Outcome By You
Deepalaya Special Unit, Special Apps for Special Unit
In association with the Deakin University (Australia) the Special Unit is now using the TOBY ‘play pad app’ for children with Autism and limited expressive communication.

The Therapy Outcomes By You (TOBY) play pad monitors the child’s performance on task form a complex syllabus and adjust lessons delivering to each and every child. The application empowers parents to starts early intervention in order to maximize the child’s development. TOBY’s  intensive curriculum covers social skills, language, sensory discrimination and cognitive skills.

While the application comes with a cost, it has been provided free of cost to Deepalaya. At present 2 children are using the App .

Sensitization of the families and communities through counseling and awareness  about related issues is an important component of this program. Deepalaya has perceived a marked change in the attitude of the families of the two students.

For more information on the Toby Play Pad visit: www.tobyplaypad.com




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya