Special athletes from the Special Unit

This winter has been a little extra special for differently-abled students from the Special Unit. After having Students from Deepalaya run a marathon in Delhiproven the mettle of their vocational skills at the Abilympics, our team went on to participate in a multitude of sports competitions. Their aim, to show the world that despite being physically limited their determination and willpower more than made up for any perceived gap.


The first half of November saw the children take part in the Salwan Marathon, organised by Special Olympics Bharat and the 5th Special Athletic Meet, organised by HCPA (Handicapped Children’s Parent Association). The marathon was a 4.5 km race that the kids ran with great enthusiasm. The Athletic Meet, on the other hand proved to be brilliantly organised event thatDifferently abled children at a sports competition was a goldmine of opportunities. The students participated in events such as 50 meter race, standing long jump, short put throw, soft ball throw, tennis ball throw and 25 meter walk. Out of the 20 participants from the Special Unit, a staggering 15 students ended up walking away with medals.


The mark of a winner is never resting on one’s laurels, and true to that ideology, our kids returned in the second half to compete at an Inter-school sports meet. This time, the competition was fierce and was spread across 10 categories –Deepalaya's differently abled children prove their metal

  • Needle and thread race
  • Banana race
  • Musical chairs
  • Balloon race
  • Quoits
  • 50 meter race
  • 100 meter race
  • 200 meter race
  • 20 meter walk race
  • Tug of war


No amount of competition, however, could stem the tide of their victory and our Deepalayans walked away winning at 6 of the 10 competitions they had taken part in. By winning a total of 6 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals, our kids proved once again, that being differently-abled is not about focusing on one’s limitations, but on building and enhancing one’s strengths.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya