From a stressed world to a peaceful soul

After a long hectic day, one thing that comes to our mind is to reach home, fall down on the cozy couch, obtain some Stress Management workshop by SAHAJ YOGAfood and move towards bed. Unfortunately, that seems to be a distant dream. Work is merely one part of our life. Real life begins only after 7 in the evening, when your family awaits for those special moments. Unfortunately, things never go the way they should, resulting into strained relationships and several ailments like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid etc. Most of these diseases stay with you lifelong. Is there any solution to release the negative energy and be a free soul?

Mr. Nitin and his team from Sahaja Yoga presented a solution in the form of meditation in a workshop conducted on 16th January, 2016, the day staff meeting was conducted. He gave a presentation on how our body works and is divided into three channels and seven chakras. Considering the time constraint, he restricted himself to the three channels – Left, right and Central.

He explained that as our heart is on the left side, the left channel takes care of our emotions and the right comprises of creative energy and ability to get things done. The central channel strikes a balance between the two. However,Speaker from SAHA YOGA talking about the remedies of stress and life style disease can be prevented from meditation during our daily chores, we are either more oriented towards the left channel or the right. For instance, if we are too much into our left channel, it makes us either lethargic, indulge into self-pity and allow others to dominate us. While if we are more towards the right side, it makes us emotionless and we try to criticize and try to dominate others.

He then informed that regular meditation helps us in moving towards the central channel, which helps us in adopting a peaceful lifestyle. He then demonstrated the balancing act, which helps in activating our central channel and releasing our negative energy. Everyone was then asked to perform the act with closed eyes. At the end of the act, everyone could feel the difference and could even feel the waves which passed through the center of the head and from the hands.



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