The Struggle…

“Health is Wealth,” a saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson proves true for 23 year old Ayub Khan a resident of Patuka Village in Mewat district, Haryana. Ayub, a shop owner whose life was not that easy for him as it seems.


Ayub was making his ends meet and was supporting his family when 9 months back, he noticed a cavity around his private parts. He didn’t bother to visit a doctor and resorted to home remedies. With continuous pain and pus formation, he visited a local doctor who diagnosed him with Perianal Abscess- an infection of the soft tissues surrounding the anal canal. Ayub took the prescribed medicines and was relieved for some time.



Little did he know that the relief is short lived and his problem would persist. This is when he came to a camp organised by Deepalaya and was recommended a surgery which he underwent. Today Ayub says “I feel really fortunate to have attended the camp and got relief. I am looking forward to recovering soon and getting back to my daily chores,” says the 23 year old.


The Health Camp on December 2, 2011 which benefited 145 people was organized in conjunction with Young Fellows Association American College of Surgeons and Worldwide Adventures. A team of doctors- Dr. Mark T. Savarise, Dr. John Como, DR. Nitin J. Engineer, Dr. Adrienne Fueg, Dr. Jagdish Gill and Dr. Joelle Pierre, diagnosed the villagers who were suffering from various illnesses ranging from headache, body ache to constipation and gynae problems.


Many thoughtful solutions in general were proposed by the doctors after identifying the problems of the people; “Most of the cases were simple and could be easily diagnosed with a little care”, said Dr Savarise.


Deepalaya thanks to Worldwide Adventures for connecting the medical fraternity which brought in message for healthy living.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya