Students from the Mewsic Bus take a tour of Delhi.

Most of the children who grow up in the capital city often take certain facts and places for granted. For them; theStudents of Deepalaya's Mewsic and Education Bus on a school trip to the National Rail Museum Qutub Minar is just a very old tower, the Children’s Park is just another playground, and the Akshardham is only a temple. It’s only those few children who’ve never step foot outside their slum cluster who truly appreciate the value and significance of Delhi’s rich and diverse history.

On 22nd December, the students of Deepalaya’s Education and Mewsic Bus were taken on an exposure visit to some of Delhi’s landmarks like the National Rail Museum, Children’s Park and the Lotus Temple. The planned excursion seemed to have immunized the children against the chilly weather as the day long trip saw a Deepalaya takes poor children from North-West Delhi on a trip to the Lotus Templestunning participation of 147 children with 13 supervising teachers from across our centres in North West Delhi (Adarsh Nagar, Wazirpur, Bhalaswa and Haiderpur).

These areas of North-West Delhi are home to the underprivileged sections of the society who are so impoverished, that they can’t even afford to send their children to schools. It is for them that Deepalaya operates the Education and Mewsic Bus. This mobile education unit travels across the above mentioned four locations and brings the benefits of schooling straight to the neighbourhood. The children are taught basic arithmetic and languageDeepalaya's underprivileged children enjoy the Delhi winters at the Children's Park skills through the power of music and rhymes.

This theme of music was carried forward to the excursion trip as well. The children had a gala time as they participated in group activities and sung a myriad of songs. The fun and excitement was taken to another level when the supervisors, instead of demanding for absolute discipline, helped conduct Antakshari competitions.

All in all, the trip was a much needed educational and recreational break from the daily routine of schoolwork.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya