Summer activities in full bloom

Come summer, our Deepalaya learning centers wear an entirely different look. The students, the teachers & volunteers have a different glow on their faces as they know it is time to have fun, enjoy and create something new. Yes, the summer hobby classes have started and so has our students’ tryst with fun. Here are a few snapshots from our FADA project students at Sanjay Colony.

Ganpati Kalava – wall hanging: 25 Students learnt to make Ganpati Kalava wall hanging using stones, sticks, crystal and Kalava

Girls from Saharanpur learning center learning sewing in their summer vacations.Computer classes: 50 girls from FADA are being taught basic computer skills at our Sanjay Colony VTC. They are introduced to the computers, its parts, how it helps in doing monotonous work very fast. These classes will help them in generating interest for learning computers later on as they grow. 

Stitching classes: A few girls are being taught stitching, making handkerchief, shorts and under shirts. They will also be taught how to stitch their own suit, frocks and different designs in tailoring, embroidery etc.

Eye checkup camp: Around 30 students from FADA got their eyes checked for free with the help of doctors from AIIMS on 12th May, 2016. The doctors gave them medicines and some of them were referred to AIIMS for further treatment too.

Some creations by our students of Special unit

When it comes to latent talent, our children from special unit are no less talented. In fact they give competition to able-bodied children. Here are a few creations which our children made during the summer activities.

Collage of craft work prepared by the special hands of our special children.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya