Summer hobby classes across all schools in Deepalaya_1Deepalaya’s Education Program started with the aim of providing quality education at a nominal fee to the children coming from modest households. Today, with almost 6000 students, we have been successful in achieving this aim, and the happy faces in its numerous schools are a testimony to the success the value based, holistic approach that the Deepalaya adopted.
At Deepalaya, parents never worry about how they will manage their children during the holidays. In fact, Deepalaya Schools never have a long break. This is done to provide the students an environment where students can hear their calling, pursue their hobbies and discover their interests - all in the school campus. During the summer break, the schools function as hobby centers, where students are encouraged to take up a hobby and train themselves in extracurricular activities under the guidance of their teachers. Run throughout the summer break, these hobby classes are extensions to what children learn through the year, with activities children enjoy- crafts, dance, singing are just tip of the iceberg.

Summer hobby classes across all schools in Deepalaya_2A packed Auditorium witnesses a mega cultural event at the Deepalaya School Kalkaji, where students showcased their talents and efforts to their parents.  Organized on the 31st of May, the show also marked the World Tobacco Day, for which students put a beautiful play which ended with a pledge taken by students and parents alike, that they will abstain from using any form of tobacco. Girls from junior school dedicated a dance to their beloved Lord Krishna. It was an enthralling performance, greatly enjoyed by the audience. The choir sang a soulful, classical English song. An exhibition was also organized as a part of the program, where the artwork students completed during the hobby classes were put up on sale. Hand crafted jute bags, paintings, decoration pieces, body ornaments were all designed and made by the students themselves.Summer hobby classes across all schools in Deepalaya_3

Seeing the happy bright faces of children enjoying their time in school is a very satisfying experience for us at Deepalaya. We believe in going that extra mile, putting that last effort, giving that one last try for our students and the ongoing hobby classes are the perfect example of it.









Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya