Sweet memories from overseas

Deepalaya Education on Wheels program got some visitor from Grace School, United States of America.Worldwide adventures is a tourist company based at Gurgaon. Ever since their association with Deepalaya, they have been organising visits of tourists to our project locations. While the tourists get to know about the country, it helps us in brand building exercise for Deepalaya. On a few occasions, the visitors also contributed for our cause.

15 students from Grace school, USA visited Deepalaya Education on Wheels project on 28th March, 2016. The Students from Grace School, United States visited learning centre at Dwarka construction site.visit was organized by World wide adventures. The intention of the students was to conduct some activities with the children enrolled at the center and assess their learning skills simultaneously. The students along with two coordinators spent around two hours with the students.

They played a few games and tried to understand the level of learning of our students by asking them to write and solve simple mathematical equations.  Some of the students were actually able to do very well. The visiting team was very impressed. The way students welcomed them and the enthusiasm with which they responded to the foreigners was above board.

When one of the visitors asked Komal, a student, to write alphabet ‘A’, she wrote it very beautifully. When theyGrace School, United States, children singing songs for the underprivileged beneficiaries of Education on Wheels. asked her what her name is, she said fluently ‘My name is Komal’. Besides, she recited a few poems and table of 9 flawlessly. The students were surprised to see a 7 years old child coming from economically weaker section having such enthusiasm for learning.

Later on, the students were given sweets and some stationary items. Overall it was an enriching experience for all of us as we had not expected that the children will be full of warmth for people belonging to a different country.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya