Thumbs up for our donors, A big boost to our special kids!

Products displayed on stall at Pepsico office are made by special children of DeepalayaDeepalaya is privileged to have donors, who would go an extra mile to help the NGO, without any effort from our end. Ms. Jyoti is associated with our special unit for the last few years when she was working with Pepsico. As she moved from Pepsico and joined the HR department of Unicharm India Private Limited, she endeavored to maintain the warmth she had for Deepalaya Special unit.

In order to engage the employees, Ms. Jyoti invited Deepalaya to organise a stall on July 1 at their Gurgaon office. Nikki, a 13-year old paraplegic child went along with Ms. Sangeeta Kardam and Ms. Jyoti from the special unit for organising the stall. Ms. Sangeeta introduced the special unit to the employees by giving a presentation showcasing a few success stories. Thereafter, she exhibited the beautiful products made by special kids.

Staff members of Unicharm are hand crafting products. It was a fun-filled activity for the employees as they were curious to learn how the products are made with quilling. As they learnt the trick, Ms. Jyoti then formed 5 teams of 4 employees each to conduct a competition. And Nikki got the opportunity to announce the winner, who was given a prize.

The employees were so impressed that they purchased material worth Rs. 16020. They were very happy to have Nikki amongst themselves and requested her to dance with them. They were flabbergasted to see her dance. Ms. Jyoti and her colleagues got very emotional and promised to come back with a request to organize another stall during next month around Rakhsha bandhan.

Another donor, who has made the special unit, almost a second home, is Ms. Achla Dayal. She would drop in Nikki a differently abled girl in conversation with Unicharm India staff.anytime to interact with the special kids or bring in anyone who would be interested in contributing towards the cause.

This time, she enabled us in organizing a stall at Ashoka Hotel on 5th July, 2016 under Kalptaru Monsoon sale 2016. The team went to the hotel with different kind of material prepared by our special kids including rakhis, dolls, greeting cards, wall hangings etc. The staff at the hotel was very forthcoming. People flocked around the stall as they had never seen products made with quilling. As we interacted with people at other stalls, we came to know that cost of organizing the stall alone was Rs. 20000, which was free for us, thanks to Ms. Achla Dayala.  We were able to sell material for Rs. 3200/- a part of which will go to the children who made such beautiful products.

While our donors get a sense of satisfaction as they visit and socialise with special children, the kids get huge encouragement as they are suppressed by people, who are their very own, at places where they reside.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya