Time for a Big Applause !

As the world celebrates the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, Deepalaya has a special reason to celebrate. One of the buds of Deepalaya has bloomed into a successful Nurse today. Shama, as her name says is a lamp of Deepalaya who is lighting life of many others.


Coming from a conservative family, and a sister of four, Shama’s father is a Tailor who struggles day and night to make ends meet.  Having defied all the barriers, Shama is now a major support to her family.

 Under the nurture of Deepalaya her dreams sprung up as she passed Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension three years back. Quite a sports enthusiast in School- high jump, long jump, basketball, Kho-Kho, netball she was into every sport. And that’s why she decided to be a Dream Runner for Deepalaya, raising money to help the ones in need, with a heart to care and giving back to the society, Nursing has always been her dream job. Realizing her dreams and with a little exhortation she was enrolled in the nursing school through grant support given to her through Deepalaya. Today after completing her Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery (ANM) course from SOS Nursing School in Faridabad, she is appointed as the ANM (RCH) Integrated District Health Society (IDHS) South District, Delhi Begumpur Dispensary, Begumpur, Malviya Nagar.

 “My family was never keen that I continue beyond High School. A career for me…was never planned out, but Today when I put on my white coat and motivate my young friends to take care of their health, I feel out of this world” says an exuberant Shama.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya