Toast to the School Days…

The memories of a class-room full of friends,the songs,love stories, the lunch hour and much more became afresh when the Alumni students of Deepalaya came back to their school last week as a part of Deepalaya’s Alumni Association. The day had a mix of both fresh pass-outs and old ones who are working at eminent places. The school had invited the latter group to counsel their juniors regarding the careers options available for the former. It was completely an interactive session and the students openly asked questions related to courses available, institutes, jobs available and scope of the same. Few years back, Anand Prakash knew that he had a keen interest in Music but like others he too thought of going forward with an academic course after his Schooling. The teachers at Deepalaya guided him that he can pursue even music as an area of specialization. Now he is in the final semester at Gandharv Mahavidyalaya learning classical music. In school, he had won many awards and now he aims to make it big in the Indian music industry. Similar was the case when twenty year old Sadhna spoke to her juniors about Merchandizing. It was the first time the group had heard of merchandising as a career option. It was interesting to see how she explained the work of a merchandiser and opened up yet another door for the students. She is pursuing her course from Advanced Training Designing Centre. The day had many more students coming up and sharing their experiences which definitely inspired many. The aura was energetic with the achievers explaining their journey to the achievers in the making. By the end of the day, they all believed that life is truly a challenge but if you face it courageously with a thought and wish, you will definitely emerge as a winner. They expressed their gratitude towards the organization saying that it is one such organization which works for the needy providing them maximum opportunities to explore their talent for a better future. It helps them decide their aim and encourages to be focused to achieve the niche of their dreams. And if we explain in the words of Neeraj, he just had to say, “DEEPALAYA is the best.” Send feedback to By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Communications



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya