A training for enabling self-reliance

Sanitary Napkin manufacturing training at Dwarka UnitThe training was organized for seven ladies from Umang SHG. A sanitary napkin unit was set up by Umang SHG and sponsored by Amway India. The two day training was conducted on 24th and 25th January 2017 by Ms. Feroza Shaikh, Trainer, S.A. Associates. The first day started with the opening and setting up of machines. The instructor sensitized women to maintain the dust free and clean premises for the unit. She told everybody to always wear gloves and caps while handling the napkin to prevent any impurities.  They were advised to maintain hygienic conditions while manufacturing.

As the day progressed instructor has asked women to cut all the different sheets available with them into Sanitary Napkin manufacturing training is conducted by Ms. Feroza Shaikhspecific sizes so that the final product can be of 280mm length. Once the different sheets were cut, they were asked to paste them in layers in a specific order. Then these pasted sheets were left for drying. After drying up these sheets the final shape was cut out with the help of a die through a laser cutter. Then all the napkins were pasted with back gum and stickers were pasted at the back and on the wings. The instructor told them about the UV sterilization process for these napkins it is very important to kill germs and bacteria which may contaminate the napkin. She told that it is very important for napkins to go through the UV Sanitary Napkins manufactured by SHG members of Deepalaya.sterilization chamber which is half an hour process so that any impurities can be removed. After this the sterilized napkins were ready to be packed in the packets. Ms. Feroza told at a time 1000 napkins can be sterilized. She told the sterilization product should not be handled with naked hands.

During this training women were able to prepare 120 pieces of napkin. They were all happy and excited to start a new venture together.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya