Twists & turns, bends & stretches commemorate International Yoga Day

21st June is no longer remembered as the longest day of the year but is now recognized as the International day of Yoga. Soon after Prime Ministrer Narendra Modi during his address in the UN General Assembly in 2014Girls from FADA project doing Yoga on World Yoga Day. called for declaration of June 21st as International Yoga day, Yoga became a trend all over the world. In line with the spirit, Deepalaya also celebrated International Yoga day at its learning centers and Childrens’ home.

Father and Daughter Alliance: As yoga is termed as a physical, mental and spiritual practice, an informative and interactive one hour-yoga session was conducted at Sanjay Colony. Around 121 girls from Sanjay Colony & Y-block participated in the session. One of the teachers stepped in the shoes of the instructor and asked the students to follow the methodology used by her for “vayam” and paramayam. Not only students, the teachers also participated and showed their interest towards yoga. The sessions started with meditation followed by surya namaskar, which is combination of 12 different yoga asanas.  Thereafter, the students halted for a five minutes rest.

The students resumed again with a renewed energy and began with tadasna, kapalbhati and mandukasana. One of the senior teachers shared that yoga embodies unity of mind, body and soul, which is expressedChildren from Deepalaya Learning Centre at North Delhi performing Yoga on International Yoga Day. through action, restraint and fulfillment. After about an hour, the students and the teachers were able to relax and experience their inner self in harmony with the world and their surroundings.

Learning Centers at North West Delhi:  “Yog Karo Aage Badho” was the slogan for the students for all the four centers of North-west Delhi, Deepalaya Community Development Programme, Tilak Nagar & Education on Wheels, Dwarka. 

The students at all the centers practiced ‘yogasans’. Some performed the asanas in the learning centers itself while some sat in the adjoining parks for want Children from Adarsh Nagar Learning Centre performing Yog asanas and creating a formation of a flower.of space in the centers. Some of the students were adept in performing even one of the most difficult asanas while others fumbled. The students participated very enthusiastically in the event and showed their interest for incorporating yoga in their daily routine.

The students at Adarsh Nagar learning center participated in the yoga day function organized by the nearby Government School in the presence of eminent personalities like Mr. Pravesh Chohan, Nigam Parshad and Mr. Yogendra Chauhan, refree of Asian Karate Federation and International Karate Federation.

For students at Education on Wheels, it was entirely a new expeInmates of Deepalaya Childrens Home performing Yoga on the occasion of International Yoga Day.rience as they had never participated in a yoga session. The volunteers and teachers too participated in the activity with lot of enthusiasm.

Deepalaya Childrens’ Home: The students at Deepalaya Childrens’ home too conducted a yoga session on 21st June. As one of our sponsors Ms. Varuna Khullar has been conducting yoga sessions on periodic intervals, students have learnt all the asanas diligently. However, for 21 students who could not visit their home for one reason or the other, it was a day filled with fun and activity.




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