A unique celebration of Incredible India

21st Annual Day Celebration of Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension.One of the most anxiously awaited occasions in any school is its annual day. It is an occasion to celebrate the achievements of the school, students and the teachers. Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension organized its annual day function on 21st October, 2016. Every member of the school including the students, teachers and staff members contributed to celebrate the occasion. Ms. Reva Nayyar Former Secretary to Ministry of women and Child Development, Director, Essel Foundation and Chairperson of Baal Sahyog was the chief guest. Ms. Nayyar has been supporting a few children from the school. Not only this, she has been generous enough in adopting a project for educating 400 children in North-West Delhi and children enrolled at Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension.

Mr. Siddharth Bagrodia, Manager EHS, Asian Paints Limited and Mr. A J Philip, school chairman and Mr. SakhiKids from Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extn presenting a dance inspire by the cultural diversity of India. John, Board member also graced the occasion. Mr. Vijay Mohan Kaul, Mrs. Wadhwani and Ms. Goswami, our sponsors were also present. The function started with a warm welcome to the guests by Mr. Trevor Jacob, the school Principal followed by lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. This was followed by a prayer song by the students and Annual report presentation by the school principal, celebrating the achievements of the school and appreciating the performance of the students, parents and teachers.

It was time to kick start the celebrations. Tiny tots were curious to come on stage as we could see them dressed in various attires. The kids presented a marvelous performance on nursery rhymes. They took us back to our childhood when we used to sing “Old McDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O”. It was amazing to see them dance in such perfection, as if they were trained artists. The parents flocked in front of the stage to click some pictures of their children and save a few memories for eternity.

Girls from Deepalaya School Kalkaji presenting a folk dance of India.Thereafter, students from the middle school presented a Qawwali based on the one in the all-time classic movie Mughal-e-Azam. Though the lyrics were altered to show how children feel perturbed when their parents ask them to study day in and day out. It was a delight to watch the kids concluding later on that education is their savior.

The audience was enthralled to see students from Class I-III act on a play based on the book Alice in the wonderland. Little Alice moves from one place to another in search of a rabbit, only to realize that it was a dream that she was watching and following. This was followed by distribution of awards by the guests and Mr. A J Philip, the school chairman.

Ms. Reva Nayyar, the Chief Guest was then called upon stage to say a few words for the kids and their parents,Small kids from junior section of the school presenting a beautiful dance. who were eagerly waiting to hear from her. Ms. Nayyar stressed on educating the children and supplementing their education with information technology so that they are gainfully employed and are able to support their family members.

What followed was a beautiful cultural programme presenting the beauty of different seasons and a solo song by Sumit, whose voice was no less than a seasoned singer. Thereafter, Mr. Sakhi John, Board member, Mr. Trevor Jacob, the school Principal, Ms. Wadhwani and Ms. Goswami were called upon stage to distribute the second set of awards to appreciate the performance of students throughout the year. The awards were constituted by our well-wishers, patrons and donors in the fond memory of their beloved ones.

After award distribution, students from Class 4 to 6 presented a beautiful dance performance showing different colours of India. The cultural treat ended with a girl dancing on the song “Mile Sur Mera tumhara”, taking us back to the 1990s, celebrating how incredible and rich our culture is. The function ended with a vote of thanks from Ms. Meera Jacob.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya