A vision for the sake of a vision!

People in Gusbethi are registering themselves for the eye chek-ups.Picture this -- a blind man with a stick trying to pass a road full of traffic. Amid the hustle bustle of life and the noise, numerous people passed by without caring, without even noticing, forget helping him. Confused and handicapped, the man tries to step on the road but goes back, fearing threat to life. The zebra crossing meant for the pedestrians did not bring any relief, who could not see this busy world, as vehicles keep the road busy.

Suddenly, a school going student, who was watching the man from a distance, comes and holds his hand. The A doctor is testing the vision of an old person.student quickly took the man on the other side of the road, asked him whether he needed some more help. The blind man showered his blessings which the boy did not even hear. Deepalaya has been doing what that boy did to the old man! Though we keep track of our beneficiaries to know if they need more help, more guidance.

This February, Deepalaya organized an eye camp at our health unit at Gusbethi and surrounding areas in collaboration with CBN foundation. Our team alongwith CBN staff reached out in remote villages Sarbati - A lady beneficiary of Deepalaya's eye camp.to identify patients with eye problems. Those who required only spectacles and medicines, were provided for, free of cost, at the camp location and those who required to be operated upon were asked to pay a visit to our Gusbethi health unit on 14th February.

We celebrated Valentines’ day by gifting with a lifelong possession of a sharp vision. Though around 50 patients were identified for cataract surgeries, only 22 turned up for cataract surgeries. All the operations went off successfully and all of them were asked to visit the hospital on 22nd February and 29th March for follow up.

Though Mr. Mathew, CE and Secretary, Deepalaya, was not present, the day follow up camps were organized, all the patients were praising: Long Live Deepalaya! Long Live Mathew Ji!A nurse at Deepalaya's health unit helping the patients.Our beneficiaries who have successfully operated for Cataract are came for follow-ups.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya