A warm welcome to 2016!

New Year is a time to introspect, look back at the year gone by, celebrate the success, learn from the failuresHappy New Year and plan for the coming days.  With this idea in mind, the HR department organized a get together on the ground floor at Deepalaya HRC on the 1st working day of 2016 i.e. on 4th January, 2016. Everyone spoke about the challenges the New Year has brought in. While some expressed satisfaction over their performance during year 2015, everyone felt the absence of the late Murari Lal.

There were honest submissions with a wow to build harmonious inter-personal relations too. Thereafter, Ms. Nidhi, HR executive planned a game for the employees – passing the parcel. The hall with abuzz with activity as New Year get together at Deepalaya Corporate Officeit reminded us about our childhood. As the music stopped, the person with a parcel was asked to pick a slip from a cap, open it and perform a small act, like singing a song, speaking that complex tongue twister one would have never thought of. The game was followed by antakshari. The participants were divided into two groups. Ms. Rachana Kulshrestha started the game with an old Bollywood number. The second group continued with the last letter of the song sung by her. The game filled the employees with lot of enthusiasm and fond memories to harp on for the coming New Year.

Deepalaya Sanjay Colony: Nothing is more satisfying than cooking and serving others. And of course, listening to that long-awaited compliment – Oh! The food is amaziStaff at Deepalaya Learning Centre Sanjay Colony preparing food for new year celebration at their locationng, the taste is unforgettable. The employees at Deepalaya Sanjay Colony planned to cook food, eat and be merry on 4th January 2016. From Mr. Kuriakose to Ms. Babita from FADA to Ms. Poonam from Vocational Training Center all got together, sliced vegetables and cooked excellent food – something, they would never forget in their life.

While the staff enjoyed in their own way, FADA students were gifted with sweaters and winter wear by Mr. KL Malhotra one of our donors and along with his friends. What else could have made them happy than new sweaters to beat the chilling winter!



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya