Water – the great healer

How many of us have heard that water is a healer? We think most of us have. But majority of us don’t believe Dr. Balram talking about the importance of water curing the lifestyle diseases.and don’t practice. Well, Deepalaya organized a session on water therapy on 19th December 2015 at its Human Resource Center. The day was chosen as most of the employees from different locations had gathered for the staff meeting. Dr. Balram started off with a note that if we want to really cure our diseases, we must know our body, know our food and know our disease. Normally doctors concentrate on two things – the body and the disease. What one eats is entirely ignored while prescribing a medicine for treatment of a particular disease. He explained that our body needs Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Sodium, Chlorine, Magnesium and Iron in this order. While other minerals are readily available, most of the functions of our body get affected due to imbalance in Potassium and Sodium. This imbalance can be easily struck by increasing water intake.

He demonstrated how imbalance between the two leads to Diabetes and affects the functioning of pancreas, which thereafter secretes more Glucagon instead of Insulin. Presence of glucagon in high quantity increases Deepalaya staff attending sesion on water therapy in staff meetingthe viscosity of blood compelling the heart to pump more blood thereby increasing blood pressure. The demonstration was given in a very simple manner. He also talked about thyroid and how it can be cured by increasing intake of sodium, which is readily available in cumin seeds (zeera), carom seeds (ajwain) and honey.  

Now the million-dollar question came – how much water should one take? Is it advisable to take 8 or 12 glasses of water as advised by most of the doctors? He then elaborated that when each and every person has a different physique and different metabolism system how can 8 or 12 glasses of water daily be a solution. After years of research and analysis, he arrived at a formula for calculating the water intake keeping in mind the weight and height of a person which is as under

Formula to understand the quantity of water you should intakeThere can be a variance of +/- half liter of water. The formula works at its best at 37 degree atmospheric temperature. One third of the total water quantity should be taken in morning without eating anything and without brushing teeth. The balance water should be distributed throughout the day. One should develop a habit of having one glass of water before taking food while avoiding water intake till 90 minutes of having food. One liter water should be taken in between two meals.

He also gave herbal formula for treating Diabetes and Thyroid. The riveting session came to an end with a promise to conduct another session on 16th January 2016.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya