When employees of “Nagarro Softwares” visited Childrens’ Home

Nagarro Software Private Limited is a software development and business consulting company that providesNagarro Softwares team with Children of Deepalaya business consultancy and technology services to its clients. Headquartered in San Jose, the company has established its primary development center in Gurgaon since 2011. Recently the company was recognized as “the employer of Choice” by NASSCOM, a Non-profit organization for promotion and development of Information Technology.

As is the case with other IT companies with their head offices overseas, these companies are given a small budget to spend for their CSR initiatives. As part of their CSR activity, the employees are asked to conduct some philanthropic activities with poor children, share knowledge and donate for a cause on a particular day – usually termed as Global Service Day.

Nagarro Softwares Team sharing their experiences with children at Children's HomeIn terms of their CSR policy, 10 employees of the company visited Deepalaya Childrens’ Home on 20th Aug. 2015. Mr. John Rameson, the project In-Charge, welcomed the guests. The Children greeted them with a welcome song “full of joy we greet you”. Thereafter,the girls performed a group dance and two songs were sung by Imran and Milly.

The visitors then introduced themselves one by one and some of the team members sanga song to entertain the children. Mr. Vicky, team leader of the group, then explained what the company does and when was it formed. It was a good interactive session as children were curious to learn how theChildren dancing on bollywood number company operates from Gurgaon with their head office in the US that too through emails, conference calls, video conference etc. They were informed that company and its team understands the requirement of foreign clients and develops solutions by preparing suitable software. The software solution takes care of day-to-day routine and monotonous jobs, reduces effort and saves times to performsimilar problems. 

Excited children with their snacksThe team members then asked the children whether they would like to become computer software engineers. Some of them responded in the positive. They encourages the children, told them different courses which are required to be done fpr becoming a software engineer. 

Thereafter, they played volleyball and football with the children. Towards the end of their visit, they distributed snacks, small gifts for the children, gave a cheque amounting to Rs. 8000/- and Rs 1100-/ in cash.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya