World of Wonder

“I hardly go out from my house; even if I do it is to the temple or some relative’s house. World of Wonder trip was  more than dream come true as I could not even dream of visiting a place like this, I enjoyed thoroughly” Says Sita, student of  English Access program at Deepalaya.

world of wonder

The English Access Micro scholarship Program funded by the US State Department is on English Language enhancement program for 14-16 year old. Spread out over an 80 weeks the classes are held after School and the teaching has been through a combination of classroom instruction, hands on activities like Role play, Declamation, Debates, Project Work and Cut of Classroom experiences.


Students from the 2009- 2012 batch spent some fun filled moment at the Amusement Park at Noida. They enjoyed the fun rides, boating and rain dancing. The outing also marked the culmination of the program and gave the children an opportunity to keep in touch with their faculty. Deepalaya has partnered with the US State Dept. on three batches of the Program. Three hundred students are now confident of their English Speaking and Comprehension abilities.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya