From Chief Executive’s Desk (Annual Report 2009-10)

From Chief Executive’s Desk

Credibility and the impact it makes on any programme or movement, to bring about change and transformation, is time consuming. It is believed that in “EDUCATION” it takes inter generational processes to achieve a positive impact. The good example of India is that it took over 60 years after Independence to
emerge as the largest English speaking country and an info-technology giant, in the world.

For thirty years, Deepalaya has endeavoured to make an impact. Working with over 50,000 children from the vulnerable and weaker sections of society, in the sector of Education, made a difference for these children who would have other wise been rag pickets or child labourers, is the qualitative change demonstrated. Couple of years back, two hearing impaired children from Deepalaya could achieve a rare distinction of winning Silver and Bronze medals at the Winter Sports, Idaho in the Untied States and proved themselves, impacting their achievement in the differently able sector.

Similarly, as we celebrate, the six alumni of Deepalaya finding themselves at various community colleges of USA for professional studies, is it not the impact they have credited to their communities, as they have had no comparable environment to compete with other students from all over India and abroad. We are very proud of them.

In the case of girl children and women, the change has been constant. From a society in which women are not normally usually educated, one has been able to enroll over 60 percent girls in schools, later in vocational and university education and place them at par with the emerging social milieu and a great advantage two as dozens and more have come back for teaching, nursing and serving their own communities. In the future our graduates will snowball into emancipation and empowerment of the gender, which has remained suppressed and elusive so far.

Similarly the women in backward communities who were neglected, oppressed and exploited socially, economically and politically are now placed on a pedestal although the numbers are not large considering the population of India. Yet “small is beautiful”. The Self Help Groups of 9,000 women, over four years could save ` 2.5 crores, revolve the savings through inter-loaning and establishing a local community revolving fund of ` 4.5 crores, is an impacting environment. In the process these semi literate rural women have demonstrated leadership, community organization, collective will, mutual respect, confidence, honesty, and business acumen. Besides when they were given with microfinance of ` 3 crores to administer among themselves as Micro-credit to set up Micro enterprises, they did it so efficiently, that in only three years they increased the capital to ` 5 crores reaching out to larger numbers and proving the banking circles wrong who felt that these illiterate and disorganized women are ‘Non Bankable’ and at the same time created over 3,000 new avenues of self-employment.

Chief Executive Mr. T.K. Mathew of DeepalayaThese and many other proven track records of Deepalaya, not only establishes its credibility but also has sown the seeds of change and impact. Deepalaya is extremely happy for this performance and hopes to continue in the same spirit for years to come, bringing solace and prosperity to vulnerable. Theories are fine but unless theories take practical avenues of demonstrated results, the theory, remains theory only. Wish you all the Readers, Partners, staff, a very happy and prosperous future. God Bless!




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