Children's Home (Annual Report 13 - 14)

Children's Home

Deepalaya's Institutional Care Centre was started in 2000 with the aim of giving a better life to the children living on the streets of Delhi. Today, the programme is home to 33 girls and 58 boys, all from difficult circumstances. Some of them were found languishing on railway platforms, while others are victims of child abuse, children of lifetime convicts, HIV/AIDS patients or sex workers. All of them, however, look for only one thing – Acceptance.

Objective of the year

This year, our objective was to rehabilitate the students and transform them into confident, dignified and contributing citizens of the country. We hoped to do this providing a nurturing environment while focusing on emotional, social, academic and skill development.

Data status of children
The seniors at the children's home playing volley ball
Data status of children.
The seniors at the children's home play a round of Volley ball

Counselling sessions and Health Checkups

Apart from regular academic and health counselling for all students, we also make sure to provide special counselling sessions to children with anger management issues, adolescent problems or different forms of personality disorders.

Quarterly health checkups ensure that all the students maintain an acceptable level of physical health and hygiene.

Making their mark in the world.

Urmilla Urmila and Firdose did a course on Fashion Designing course under ATDC at Deepalaya children Home Gusbethi. At present they are working at Orient Craft Limited Bhiwari District Alwar, Rajasthan and earning Rs. 7000 and Rs. 8000 respectively per month as an operator of the company. Firdose
Shubham Raju Tilak Raj and Subham completed a short term cooking course and are currently working as cooks at the Prince Hotel in Sonipat and Sagar Ratna, Nehru place respectively Raju Tilak Raj


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Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya