Community Health 3 (Annual Report 2009-10)

A. P. Dewan Memorial Clinic, Kalkaji

Established with the aim of providing health care services to the slum and underprivileged areas of South Delhi, the clinic covers an area of 3 km around Kalkaji. Community Health for health rural populationThis year, apart from providing on curative services, the clinic team has also worked on strengthening the existing health-care system through developing linkages with government hospitals and dispensaries.


  1. A total of 6559 patients were treated at the clinic during the year. An average of 22 patients visited the clinic daily. Patients were charged a nominal registration fee and 50 per cent cost of medicines, which greatly facilitated them to follow the prescription. 55 patients were referred to Government Hospitals and other institutions for specialized care.
  2. Over 70 per cent of the patients visited the clinic more than once, strengthening continuity of treatment and a relationship of trust with the clinic and its services.
  3. 1367 house visits were made during the year. These were aimed at ensuring that patients followed the prescriptions and combined with campaigns about sanitation, hygiene, cleanliness and awareness about disease prevention
  4. The Clinic also organized various awareness campaigns about community health and hygiene, sanitation and prevention of communicable diseases.

Forging New Partnerships

Deepalaya partnered with the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) for a Health Literacy Campaign on Cerviacal Cancer and Diabetes, in the slums of South Delhi. PHFI selected Deepalay to partner with because of its several ongoing interventions in low resource areas. The pilot phase targeted women from six communities and created awareness about the environmental and individual lifestyle risks of these diseases and clarified the myths surrounding them. Women from the community were identified, exposed to an in-depth training, after which they designed and implemented their own social marketing strategy based on community based interactions by them and wider dissemination using events. 60 women were trained from all locations who further spread the knowledge among their communities..




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Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya