Community Health ( Annual Report 13 -14)

Community Health

The Chameli Dewan – Integrated Rural Community Health Centre

This programme was started in 1999 to provide basic medical facilities to the children living in the Deepalaya Children's Home. In 2003, an OPD facility for the community members was set up, a mobile clinic was launched in 2005 and finally, the Deepalaya Integrated Community Health Centre was inaugurated in 2011.

Apart from providing healthcare to hostel inmates and community members, Gynecology services are also available on Saturdays for giving professional advice and treatment to cases from adjoining villages;

Eye Camp beneficiaries information
Eye camps for the students of Gusbethi, Haryana
Eye camp for the students at our
school in Gusbethi, Haryana


Cataract Surgery for Rural Population

As a part of our initiative to bring about a positive change in our communities, we organized eye camps for all the people living in the ten villages of Tauru block, Mewat.

50 patients were screened on 5th and 17th December 2013 and 11 were recommended for eye operations. They were operated and kept in the Deepalaya hospital for two nights, 17th and 18th December, for pre and post operative care.

A.P. Dewan Memorial Clinic

The A.P. Dewan Memorial Clinic was set up in Sanjay Colony, Okhla, Delhi in 1993 for the purpose of serving the underprivileged living in nearby slum colonies.

The programme has a tie-up with the Rajendra Prasad Eye Centre of AIIMS and the RPEC team visits the clinic once a week to conduct eye check-up camps. Medicines are administered free of cost and the more serious patients are referred to AIIMS, where they get priority care.

In the last twelve months, this programme completed 114 cataract surgeries to give the gift of sight to hundreds of people in Delhi and surrounding regions.

Health Camps

For women – 112 pregnant women were examined in a health camp and in another, 152 women were provided post-natal service

Immunisation camps – 1,761 boys and 1,701 girls were provided immunisation doses for DPT, HB, Polio, MMR, Measles and Typhoid


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