Deepalaya Axis Bank Foundation (Annual Report 2009-10)

The 3-year-long Deepalaya Axis Bank Foundation Programme (DABFP) concluded this year after successful operations. Much on the lines of the highly successful Deepalaya Reach India Project (DRIP), Deepalaya launched this Programme with Axis Bank Foundation’s support in June 2007 in West, South-West, North-West and North Delhi. 10 NGOs (Bhartiya Navdeep Samiti, Janhit Society for Social Welfare, Janta Welfare Educational Society, MANCH, Multi Vision Foundation, Paropkar Educational and Cultural Society, Aradhya, Mar Thoma Social Action, Navjyoti Development Society and WARUDA) partnered with us. The project aimed at identifying, coaching and mainstreaming 4,200 out-of-school children. Deepalaya imparted formal training on programme as well as financial monitoring to these Partner NGOs (PNGOs). Topics like community mobilization, multi grade teaching, subject teaching, documentation and progress monitoring were covered. Regular monitoring visits to Learning Centres (LCs), community, government schools and offices of PNGOs were conducted regularly.

The Project started with establishing 67 LCs (Bridge Course Learning Centres as well as Remedial Education Centres) and concluded with 128 (85 BCLCs and 43 RECs). A distinct syllabus was also developed to facilitate learning by the children who had not reached school at the right age.

The outcome was encouraging as the Project not only met its target, but overshot it. 5752 children (out of 9986 enrolled) were main streamed against a target of 4200. (See table on Non Formal Education)

At a workshop held at the end of the project, all PNGO’s shared about their experience of the past three years. Not only had their efficiency at running education programmes been enhanced but they have received adequate trainings on issues like Administrative systems, Financial Management, Fund Raising, Organizational Development etc. “That today we are able to stand in front of such a large gathering is a capacity building which Deepalaya has done”, said Umesh of Aradhya. Dr. B. Sagar from Jan Hit Society said, “the close audit processes which Deepalaya carried out helped us adopt more transparent accounting systems and we were able to successfully clear an audit for a Government supported project we are running.”

During the entire Programme, the relation between local parents and teachers was highly stressed upon. Thanks to cordial relations between principals of local schools and our LCs, the children were able to get easy admission. Problems of cultural gaps were also solved by the NGOs.

Overall, DABFP was a success and the home team of Deepalaya felt very proud of their Partner NGOs for achieving such admirable targets. Deepalaya hopes that these NGOs will continue their efforts to dedicatedly mainstream underprivileged children in the future.

Rally organised under DABF programme

Rag picker to Class Monitor

Jishant - a boy with responsibilitiesJishant (9 years) is the youngest in his family of 7 members. His parents Rayees and Ela work as unskilled labor at construction sites.

During one of the community visits, the teachers of DABF Project at Dwarka,saw young children playing around and picking waste paper, liquor bottles, and plastics from the garbage to sell off later and earn some money. The teacher approached their parents and tried to convince them for educating their young ones. The continuous motivation paid dividends and the children started coming to Deepalaya’s Centre. Jishant initially avoided coming to the Centre & ran away from the classes with different excuses every day. But the teachers did not lose hope & gradually involved him in other class activities, like being a Class Monitor, writing on the boards, notebook collections, class maintenance etc because of which he gained confidenceas well as developed an interest in coming regularly & showed out-standing performance in his studies. He became more responsible & became a popular boy in the class. Jishant appeared for admission in to a formal school, he cleared the exam and secured admission in class III in April 2010.

In addition to the various concepts, teachers also educate the students on matters of personal hygiene and clean and safe environment, money matters and other life skill areas.




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Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya