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Mind Map Program

About the program

Mind Map, a “Mental Health Program to Build Leadership & Employability for Disadvantaged Youth” was initiated by Manas Foundation in October 2009, with the support of Jamshedji Tata Trust. It’s a scaled up 3 year programme, that blends research, training, direct community services and advocacy to address the mental health needs of urban disadvantaged youth. It also analyzes key issues of urban youth from a psycho-social lens and enhances the capacities of community youth to map their inner worlds, understand and develop their own mental health, and connect emotionally with their own potential for leading social change.

Specific Objectives

I.    To build the psycho-social, especially counseling and career counseling capacities of CSO personnel who work with urban disadvantaged youth and to institutionalize the process of counseling by setting up counseling centers in each of the participant organization.

II.    Conducting innovative action researches, in partnership with young people, on the mental health landscape and the internal/self barriers to leadership building among the youth.

III.    To conduct active advocacy in the field of mental health for young adults through a publication. For details specif to the research please follow this link :

DEEPALAYA Involvement in the Program

Deepalaya was one of the Ten Partner Organizations for the program. 5 staff of Deepalaya attended the 6 month “Basic counseling skills” program Jan-June 2010, which they successfully completed. They were:

•    Smita Tewarie Counsellor at Deepalaya Children’s Home at Gusbethi
•    Syed Abbas: Program Officer
•    Sushil Awasthi: Teacher at Deepalaya School Gole Kuan (a middle school)
•    Ms. Namrata Saran, Community Mobilizer (Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension)
•    Virender Singh, Program Officer 

The above staff were selected for their close involvement with children and youth, the most direct beneficiaries of the Mind Mapping Program. Of them Sushil Awasthi and Namrata Sharan were further shortlisted for “Career Counseling skills” program which they completed in ………...

 “Basic Counseling Skills” program

Through 12 well spaced sessions over a period of 6 months, the BCS program dwelled upon the following areas:

•    Basics of counseling, counseling skills, pillars of counseling, techniques of counseling and different phases of counseling.
•    What is Self, Self awareness, self identification, confidence and self esteem
•    Case History and its processes
•    Depression and its different phases
•    Childhood disorders, Impulsive behavior Attention, Deficit disorder and technique of managing of ADHD
•    Disaster Management 
•    Group and Family Counseling

Suvidha Kendra

Following the Training, the team members  used the knowledge gained to address the challenges faced by the students enrolled at different locations. A ‘Suvidha Kendra’ was also set up at the Deepalaya Vocational Centre located at Panchsheel Vihar, South Delhi. The students’ enrolled were provided Individual and group counseling on different interpersonal, family and Individual issues. This was addressed by Sushil and Namrata. The MAnas Team continued providing support and guidance  

Career Counseling Program

The next phase, training on ‘Career Counseling skills’ (Feb 2011 onwards) the participants were coached on the following areas:

•    Profile the clients
•    Trace the career route maps
•    Match it with personality, interests and aptitude
•    Channelize the career path via test results/individual counseling
•    Able to counsel the family and the client

The Counselling Program goes on at Deepalaya Schools

Currently both Sushil Awasthi and Namrata Sharan-are regularly providing students  professional guidance and mentoring. They deal with psycho-social problems, behavioral abnormalities, academic challenges, vocational guidance etc.

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Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya