Education (Annual Report 2009-10)

Seven people, a rented apartment, seventeen thousand five hundred rupees and a dream that meant more than any other at that point of time–A Dream to Make a Change was all that Deepalaya was born out of. The only belief that Every Child deserves a Chance and the support of a few, who joined in subsequently, saw us grow from 5 children three decades ago, to 50,000 and counting to this date.

Deepalaya’s Education Programme is contemporary of its very existence. Since 1979, we have touched and made a substantial difference to the lives of thousands of children who would have grown to become uneducated civilians, completely unaware of what they truly deserve. Guided by unique principles like Pro-Poor Approach, Phase In-Phase Out, Latent Talent Development, Life Skills Training, Positive Discrimination towards the Girl Child and lately Fathers and Daughters Alliance, Deepalaya Education’ has been fairly successful towards the building up of a new, self-reliant society.

Times have indeed changed. Our Education Programme has taken a new dimension. Today, we have both Formal and Non-Formal Education to offer. While Deepalaya Schools located in Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh give the not-so-fortunate children a chance of ‘going to school’, the Non Formal Education Programme ensures that they are imparted the right knowledge even if they go to different schools or don’t attend at all. Additionally, the Distance Education Programme at Deepalaya empowers the students to write their exams under Government recognized schemes of Open Basic Education and National Institute of Open Schooling, therefore ensuring that they have absolutely no troubles with further studies. These three schemes together form the Education Programme at Deepalaya.


Formal Education

The “Going to School” model of Deepalaya Education

Formal Education at Deepalaya means ensuring that children from the not-sofortunate strata attend school just like other children of their age do, while also making sure that the quality education is imparted at an affordable cost. Deepalaya’s Education programme has impacted the lives of many enabling them to take control of their lives and lead secure and dignified lives.

Deepalaya schools

This year, Deepalaya Education made inroads to Uttar Pradesh by setting up a Deepalaya School in the town Titron in Saharanpur. Together, Deepalaya School, Sanjay Colony (DSSC), Ramditti Jiwandaram Narang Deepalaya School, Khirkee Village (RJRNDS), Deepalaya School, Gole Kuan (DSGK), Deepalaya School, Gusbethi (DSG), Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension (DSKE) and Lala Bhagwan Das Memorial Deepalaya School, Saharanpur (LBDMDS) make the six pillars of the Formal Education Programme at Deepalaya. (See Table) The schools serve a twin objective - one, to impart value education to the underprivileged children; and two, to inculcate life skills in them so that they can make apt use of that gained knowledge.



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