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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

Eye diseases awareness session for children

Eyes are windows to your soul; Let them speak for you


Eyes are windows to our soul; yet we expose them to danger by not taking simple precautions. Most of us are also unaware about how to protect them and what kind of precautions should one take to avoid eye diseases. Deepalaya has been creating awareness, organizing eye-checkup camps and even cataract surgeries for the last 22 years in collaboration with Rajendra Prasad Eye Centre, All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The institute has conducted around 22000 cataract surgeries so far. In yet another initiative, the organization conducted a master training program on 30th April 2015 at our Sanjay Colony Health Unit for creating awareness amongst people about various diseases affecting eyes, symptoms and preventive measures that can be taken to avoid vision loss. Mr. Vinod (Program officer), Mr. Wasi (Project OPD In charge) & Mr. Vicky from AIIMS gave an interactive session on eye-care to 9 girls and 3 boys, who shall be placed as animators in the community to create awareness and shall also volunteer for our heath unit. The team informed them about major diseases like cataract, Glaucoma and Myopia & Hypermetropia. They trainers also apprised them simple precautions which need to be taken to avoid long-term vision loss and to keep eyes healthy. On completion of training, the beneficiaries shall receive a training completion certificate from AIIMS. The training shall also equip these youngsters with necessary skills to work for society at large.



Merit Cum Means Scholarships from Deepalaya

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Higher professional education is getting out of reach day by day! Those who can afford, reap the benefits and those who cannot remain confined to a world of their own, smugly watching the sky, dreaming if they could also reach the stars.

Here's a ladder, which can provide a step-by-step guidance to a student willing to reach the heights of his/her choice.

AON Hewitt & Deepalaya's Merit-cum-Means Loan Scholarship programme shall not only help students from low economic background fulfill their dreams but also of others.

If anyone is wishing to pursue a professional course and his/her annual family income is equal to or less than Rs. Rs.1,50,000/-, contact us on the address or telephone numbers mentioned at the end of this edition.

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