FADA (Annual Report 2009-10)

Father And Daughter Alliance

The Fathers And Daughter Alliance Programme, popularly known as FADA is a unique venture which promotes the Girl Child with the involvement of Fathers. FADA came to India with Pedro Moreno (from US), who was keen on launching an India Chapter. During his first visit to India, he was impressed with Deepalaya’s Education Programme that already promotes the concept of Positive Discrimination towards the Girl Child with more than 60 percent girl-enrollments in its various education centres.

The chief minister of Delhi with FADA childrenDeepalaya and Moreno together charted out a FADA Pilot Programme called Universalization of Girl Child Education, targeting to Educate 1000 Girls from Poor Families. The Programme also aimed at lobbying with the Government, Corporates and other players towards obtaining professional, funding and other support. A series of meetings were held in early 2009, with other like minded NGO’s, media persons and the Chief Minister of Delhi Ms. Sheila Dikshit, Ms. Kiran Walia, Minister of Women and Child Development along with senior officers from the Department of Education, Delhi Govt and the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The Government was highly receptive of the concept and announced partnership with Deepalaya.

The first Learning Centre under FADA shortly came into being in Sep’09 at Sanjay Colony. 22 girls who had been shortlisted after thorough survey and analysis were enrolled. The Centre was formally launched by the Chief Minister at a well-attended function that saw the presence of all 22 girls with their encouraging fathers. Soon, Deepalaya identified 721 out-of-school girls for education under FADA after surveying 2674 houses in 11 blocks of Sanjay Colony. (See table on Non Formal Education)

Deepalaya-Moreno association also facilitated the inception and growth of FADA Self Help Groups among fathers, to inculcate a habit of Saving for the Girl Child. We conducted regular meetings with the fathers and foster-fathers, and important events were celebrated with great enthusiasm. Lately, thanks to Moreno’s efforts, Robert Duvall Foundation has also come forward to financially support the Programme and we are hopeful of making greater strides.




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