Foreword from CEO (Annual Report 13-14)

Mr TK Mathew CEO Deepalaya

Foreword from CEO

Social Change is constant, continuous, unavoidable and inevitable. Social transformation is the
result of positive actions to improve the environment in which marginalized/afflicted/affected are
assisted to progress. Deepalaya is a Change Maker and the communities which benefit are change

The theme of Annual Report 2013-14, projects Social Change/Transformation enabled by
Deepalaya during the past 35 years in client communities, depicted as case stories.

We have seen Change among children, who were illiterates, run aways, abused, exploited, denied
of their fundamental rights and who got transformed to become educated, skilled, employed,
independent, self-reliant, contributing to their families and communities.

We have enabled youth who would have been rag pickers, lumpens, undesirable characters, trouble
makers into university graduates, skilled professionals, lucratively employed, and capable of
challenging well endowed civil society combatants.

Women in Purdah muzzled of their voice, dependent and restricted have become better informed,
independent, self-reliant, freely interacting in public and emerged as decision makers for
themselves and their families, who have empowered to be at par with men folk.

Men, who were marginalized, resource crunched, under employed, mortgaged/indebted have learnt
to manage their own resources, diversify their potentials, change traditional attitudes to society
specially women, girls and behave better responsible as heads of families, thrifty in their dealings

Over all the results of Deepalaya operations, in the realms of socio-economic development of poor
marginalized, segregated, exploited are impacting their lives positively.

In this successful endeavour, one should appreciate, recognize and laud the contribution made by
the Members who Govern, workers who produce results and recipient communities who consume,
appropriate and change to depict a model. Let us congratulate and resolve to act decisively for the
future to come.

Signature Mr TK Mathew CEO

T.K. Mathew
Secretary & Chief Executive


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Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya