Formal Education Highlights (Annual Report 2009-10)

Table 1 Formal Education

The recognition of DSKE for Secondary Education has undoubtedly given many hopes to the students. However, following the recognition, Secondary Classes at other locations were subsequently discontinued so that the students can move under the CBSE scheme. Many students, as a result, phased out of the Formal Education programme because of their inability to afford the various costs involved. Additionally, the coming up of an MCD School in Sanjay Colony also took a toll on enrolment status at DSSC, which is not recognized.


  • After 9 long years of continuous efforts, DSKE gained a ‘Recognized’ status from the Government of Delhi last year. This year, the School also got affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education and the first batch of 56 students took their Grade 10 Board Examinations under the same.

LBDM Deepalaya school Titron

  • Deepalaya Choral Group celebrated its First Anniversary and got a chance to perform in front of Slumdog Millionaire-fame Oscar Awardee Resul Pookutty. The Deepalaya Rock Band was also launched on this occasion.
  • The Choral Group also won the second prize in “Swaram Junior”- a competition organized by the St. Thomas Mar Thoma Syrian Church Choir and Dhwani organized by the St. Thomas Church of North India.
  • In order to better equip our students to face the various challenges of today’s world, Life Skills workshops were conducted with students of middle and senior school. Topics covered included “Peer pressure, Ill effects of tobacco and smoking, difference between a “good touch” and a “bad touch” how to protect against sexual abuse etc.
  • Sports Day was celebrated at DSKE, DSG, DSGK, and LBDMDS-helping develop sportsmanship qualities and skills of Team Work. The Netball Goal Leadership Programme in association with the Naz Foundation which has been training at DSKE and DSSC now spread its wings to RJRND and DSG. The first batch from DS SC graduated successfully and Ritika, Deepa and Akhil from DS KE participated in the National Sub Junior Net Ball Championship at Nasik (Feb’10).
  • Health check ups were conducted at all schools by doctors from AIIMS and other private practitioners. These camps were often sponsored by our corporate partners.
  • The Eco Clubs at the Delhi Schools, supported by the Government of National Capital Territory (RJRND and DSGK joined the programme this year) took up various campaigns to spread the word about Environment Protection, Earth Day, World Environment Day, International Ozone Day-were all marked by an enthusiastic drive and participation.
  • DSKE joined the ‘World Hot House’ Exchange Programme supported by British Telecom. The students were video conferencing with their counterparts in the UK, exchanging ideas for protecting valuable natural resources.
  • Twenty students of DSKE prepared a project on ‘Development of Urban Slums’ and submitted for a Brazilian conference on Environment Protection.
  • Twenty students from DS KE participated in the “Stride against Cancer “walk organized by Cansupport-raising public awareness about early detection of
  • Seventeen students from DSKE participated in the National Folk Dance Festival at Bhopal in Dec’09 and won the Consolation Prize.
  • DS SC and DSKE competed for the Gobar Times Green School Award instituted by the Centre for Science and Environment. DSSC was placed in the “Orange Leaf” category for managing water in an almost ‘no water environment’. DS KE won the Best Manager’s Award and was felicitated on the chapter on ‘land’.
  • Hundred and twenty students from DS SC visited the Parliament Museum and got an exposure to the lessons of history and civics in keeping with the new NCERT curriculum.
  • Students from DS SC have been regularly participating in the meetings/workshops organized by the Delhi Child Rights Club- debating on issues like ‘Right to play” and ‘Should Beggars be removed from the Streets’, Mid-day meals scheme of the Government, Child trafficking etc.
  • DSG now boasts of the ‘School Band’ which has been making raves in the nearby town of Tavru. The Band was invited to play at the Republic Day celebrations of Tauru block in Jan ’10 and at a meeting of all Govt. School Principals in March ’10.
  • Students from DSG participated in the various District Level Competitions at Nuh. Reena won the second prize at Haryana state level in the “Best of Waste” competition for making a doll out of a water bottle.
  • Regular Teachers Trainings have been organized throughout the year equipping the faculty with better subject knowledge and teaching methodologies.
  • Teachers and students were also introduced to Transcendental Meditation and learnt techniques of meditation which if practiced regularly would evolve and realize their true potential.



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