Friends of Deepalaya, Germany

The story of the Friends of Deepalaya in Germany started with a holiday.In the year 1992, a group of five people were planning to go on a trip to India. A friend, who was a teacher at a local nursery school at the time, overheard one of their conversations, and asked them to take several gifts to India for those in need. When arriving in India, the group was trying hard to find the right people to give to, but did not succeed. They asked a shopkeeper at their hotel for help, and he suggested a Government Entity, the 'Delhi Council for Child Welfare' and Deepalaya, an NGO about which he had heard through a recent media publication.
Preferring the Government, the group decided to call on the Council for Child Welfare. After numerous tries, they changed their mind and successfully reached out to Deepalaya. Contact was established with Rtn. T. K. Mathew, and he was invited to their hotel. After seeing the amount of presents, he convinced the group to give the presents to the children directly. They accompanied him to the Deepalaya Sanjay Colony School to enjoy the amazement and happiness of the receiving children quarreling to be the first to play with the new toys.

After this exciting moment and taking lots of pictures, they were convinced about their choice and decided to extend their support to Deepalaya by giving a monetary donation. But to their surprise, Mr. Mathew refused to accept the cash. It was illegal for any NGO or an entity to accept foreign currency at that time. So came the suggestion from Mr. Mathew to transfer the money from an account in Germany. The group liked his advice and continued to support Deepalaya in the successive years, by raising funds from friends and family members and taking up individual child sponsorships.
The base of support increased and so did the contributed funds. But as the group members were worried about getting the maximum benefit out of the spent money, they did not want the high cash transfer commissions to cut their contribution in half. Therefore, the idea was extended from setting up a pooled account to founding a properly registered NGO in Germany. This way, they could take advantage of the reduced fees as well as of the tax-exemption facilities in order to increase the results.
Just some preparations and a counter-visit from Mr. Mathew to Germany led to the setting up of 'Foerderverein Deepalaya Niederrhein e.V.' in 2003. It come up as a registered charitable entity and the collected funds continued to rise.
Since then, numerous new sponsors have been able to support us from Germany.
Although they are all working full time, our long time friends from Germany, represented by Mr. Alfons Ruetter, have been able to continue their supporting efforts in a remarkable way as all the years. We are thankful for your support, and hope to continue our fruitful relationship in the years to come.
If you would like to take advantage of the tax exemption facilities please follow the instructions on the make a donation page. If you have any questions regarding the Friends of Deepalaya, Germany, please contact
Please bear in mind that the members of Friends of Deepalaya, Germany are no full time employees of Deepalaya. Therefore, please direct all general inquiries to the Deepalaya Office in New Delhi, India.
Registered Address & Correspondence Address
Foerderverein Deepalaya Niederrhein e.V.
C/o Mr. Alfons Ruetter
Rheinstrasse 248
47546 Kalkar, Germany
Contact Person Mr. Alfons Ruetter



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