Gender Equity ( Annual Report 13 - 14)

Gender Equity

Self Help Group and Microfinance

We started our SHG (Self Help Group) project in Tauru block, Mewat district in the region of Haryana, in 1999. The objective was to use microfinance as a means to empower the local women to set up micro-enterprises, thereby making them independent and respectable members of their communities.

Cutting and Tailoring center are run by shg members   

The Project at a glance

Particulars Total
Number of SHGs 1,087
Number of members 12,504
Micro-enterprises 6,876
T-inter loan Rs. 11,84,58,185
Repayment of
T-inter loan
Rs. 9,38,08,000


Cutting and Tailoring is one of the many enterprises that women can set up under the SHG programme.


Changing for the better

Social Changes Financial and Health related change
  • With the women now actively contributing to their family's income, they have become respected and celebrated members of their families and communities.
  • Decline in domestic violence
  • Reduction in female feticide
  • Fewer incidents of child marriage
  • Increased literacy rate of the girl child
  • More and more women are coming out of the 'purdah'
  • Women are taking up leadership roles within their communities
  • Alcoholism among men reduced
  • The habit of saving has been inculcated
  • Loan availing capacity increased
  • No more going to money lender for loans
  • Increase in the overall income of the household
  • Healthy community – Members provide financial and moral support to each other
  • Members are more aware about family planning
  • Newfound awareness regarding menstrual hygiene


Mariyam - Embodying the new-age woman.

SHG member Mariyam

Mariyam is a 45 year old woman from a traditional Muslim community, who, up until recently, wasn't even allowed to step outside her house. Her poor financial and social status led her to stop her eldest daughter's education when she was still in class VIII.

Mariyam joined Deepalaya's SHG in 2006 and attended training programmes on Legal Literacy, Community Sanitation and Domestic Violence. She stepped out from the shadows and became an entrepreneur, setting up two successful businesses. She even provided a stable job to her husband and ensured that all her four children can go to school.



One sheet summary of Deepalaya SHG, Micro Finance Livelihood Programme as on 31st March , 2014

One sheet summary of Deepalaya SHG, Microfinance Livelyhood programme


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