How read-aloud sessions can improve the learning skills | 7th Special Athletic meet 2015 | Innocence and Innovation at its best!

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How read-aloud sessions can improve the learning skills

When an “ordinary bag of books” transformed into a community library with over 700 members at our Learning Centre at Panchsheel Enclave, we got an amazing lesson to harp on for other locations. Mridula and Micheal evolved a strategy in the form of read-aloud sessions that made the library a happening place, a place to sit, hold on and possess a book for further reading. Had it been an ordinary library, it would have been certainly difficult for us to even imagine this kind of impact or evolution in less than a year of its inception.

Ms. Mridula & Mr. Michael conducting session with teachers

Considering the impact of the “read-aloud sessions”, Mridula and Michael conducted a workshop for teachers on 21st November at Sanjay colony. The session kicked off with a brief introduction to the place called “library”, why a teacher should emphasise her students to read books and how reading habit helps in building a life-long relationship with books. Michael and Purnima gave tips on what a perfect read-aloud session should have, how sound modulations, expressions and stress on particular words can have a long-lasting impact over children. Thereafter, they gave a demonstration to enlighten the students and to throw more light as to how the session has to be conducted.



7th Special Athletic meet 2015Special children participating in special athletic meet

Children from Deepalaya Special Unit participated in 7th special athletic meet 2015 held on 5 Nov at HCPA (handicapped children parents association)Dwarka. 22 students participated in different athletic events like 100 mt race, 50 mt race, soft ball throw, shot-put, assisted walk, long jump, bocce. Along with sports event students also participated in fancy dress and drawing competition. All students received prizes and medals.



Innocence and Innovation at its best!

How many of you have written a leave application while you were in a school? Almost all of you must have. Just to revisit that glorious past, we used to write A hand drawn leave application by a girls in Loesche project"I beg to state that ....." Here's a leave application written by Kajal, a student enrolled at our learning center at Noida. Even the teacher never expected such a beautiful leave application. The envelope was beautifully decorated with flowers and the leave showed all the three sisters Khushi, Kajal and Kiran. The one who is suffering from chicken pox is drawn and the names of other two sisters are written in the hearts, which shows the bonding between the three. It has candles and earthen lamps to lighten up not only the life of Khushi but also the teachers', who read the application. Alas! we could never write such an innovative leave application.






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