Human Resource Management 1 (Annual Report 2009-10)

Human Resources Development

At Deepalaya our aim is to help people keep pace with the latest and the best. We understand that the employees form the heart of an organization, and only when they perform the best would we be able to deliver the best to our stakeholders.

Talent acquisition

Deepalaya has an established brand image which is clearly evident in our recruitment process. To quote some figures -As on 31st March, 2010, Deepalaya has on board a team of 387 people as against 346 in the beginning of the year. This includes regular employees, part time consultants, social entrepreneurs and volunteers. The impact of recession in the beginning of the year did not leave Deepalaya untouched, but we made a conscious decision to work together to fight the same. Last year saw us take on employees from fields of finance, social work, teaching, medicine, counsellors, IT, special education, beauty culture, MBA and fashion designing.

Recruitment system

We also introduced a competency based recruitment system where the candidates were interviewed based on 12 competencies identified in the performance management process so as to be able to establish a common footing for all processes in Deepalaya. Lead time (time from the date of creation of vacancy to the date of closing the position), reduced from 52 days (last year) to 49 days. In addition, this year we initiated a process to gauge the reaction of candidates to our selection processes and to promote Deepalaya Employer Brand Image. 82.5 percent candidates expressed that our interview processes were unbiased. Some of the comments from our candidates were:

  • “Watching Deepalaya Movie gave inspiration to work hard for success”.
  • “Interview was a good procedure and it got over soon”.
  • “All workers are playing an effective role and working environment is up to the mark”.
  • “Staff were cooperative and good and the quality and standard of interview was good”.
  • “I like the cooperation of interviewers. They have given me chance to speak”.
  • “It was very lengthy but I enjoyed giving the interview”.

Learning and development initiatives

In order to keep pace with the ever increasing challenges of professional life Deepalaya employees are encouraged to attend programmes which will build their capacities to perform better. Last year Deepalaya employees attended 32 trainings and six conclaves / seminars on various subject ranging from fundraising, teaching methodologies, general administration, etc.




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