Human Resource Management 2 (Annual Report 2009-10)

Employee Morale Survey

For any organization to go ahead in its field of operations it is imperative that it has the pulse of the employees. To that end Deepalaya introduced Employee Morale survey in 2004-05. The feedback has helped strengthen processes on an ongoing basis. The survey is not compulsory and confidentiality and anonymity are strictly maintained. The findings of the survey for 2008-09 and 2009-10 are compared in the table given below. It is good to note that Deepalayans are still strong on the sense of commitment and accountability topping the chart. It is also worth noting that despite the fact there is an overall increase in the faith for Deepalaya Management, the leadership quotient seems to have come down considerably. This could also be due to the fact that there has been a major change in Deepalaya Management, and organization is still adapting to it.

Human resource performancePerformance Management Survey

Performance Management Process is a means to establish a model of communications across the organization and helps all employees come on the same page as far as their performance vis a vis organisational goals are concerned. The process facilitates healthy interaction between line manager and employee. This year Deepalaya was able to conduct only two reviews as against the norm of three due to various constraints.

Interns and Volunteers

Interns and Volunteers are a very important part of our team and they also act as Deepalaya Ambassadors. 45 Interns and 33 volunteers have been associated this
year and worked at various projects of Deepalaya. Out of 45 interns, 40 were from different states of India and 3 were from foreign countries. Likewise, 15 Indian
volunteers and 18 Foreign Volunteers got associated with us in the last year starting from April, 2009 till March, 2010.

Corporates like Nestle, Genpact and Inner Space Consulting have also been volunteering their services for Organizational Development and Child Counseling and training.

Young Deep – the voice of youth

Another new initiative which was taken to involve the youth of the organization to be an active body in decision making where staff in the age bracket of less than 30 years were brought together. The group would be involved proactively in discussing about the organization and eventually also chalking a career path for themselves in the organization. The group calls themselves ‘Young Deep’. The bracket of 30 years was kept keeping in mind the average age of 35 years.


  • HR Networking- where Deepalaya drafted HR guidelines for three Partner NGOs- Alamb, Aradhya and BNS (Bhartiya Navdeep Samiti).
  • 9 Staff Meetings were organized in the last year.
  • Staff Welfare activities like birthday wishes, farewell and soft loans were also provided to for the same.
  • Deepalaya staff at the Corporate Office also took an initiative and organized a self funded picnic to Sohna Tourist Complex.




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