Human Resource Management (Annual Report 13-14)

Human Resource Management

The 2013 – 14 financial year was dedicated to new beginnings. Active efforts were undertaken to fill the numerous vacant positions. 47 talented individuals joined us at various levels. Three employees at the mid-level and forty-seven at the junior level.

Deepalaya Performance Management


Volunteer Management

Deepalaya Performance Management  
Indian Volunteer 48
Foreign Volunteer
and Interns
Indian Interns 28

New Initiatives

  • Organisation Development exercise in Gusbethi with support from Miracle Foundation
  • Buddy Programme – New joinee given a mentor to help ease him/her into the organisation
  • Birthday celebrations – The last Friday of every month is dedicated to celebrating the birthdays of the employees
  • Job posting on social media – LinkedIn and Facebook used as a medium to spread awareness about job openings


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Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya