Innumerable Creation at Deepalaya | A hollistic approach to a fulfilling life

“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.” - Swami Vivekanand

Innumerable creations at Deepalaya


Summer holidays have a charm of their own for children. Some plan to visit a distant relative or enjoy their holidays in the hills while some sit at home idle with their mothers' shouting at them for getting their homework done. However, Deepalaya schools and learning centres brace themselves for summer camp for honing the creative skills of our students, who come to school not for attending classes but for doing something that appeals them to the core of their heart. Here is what students created during the last one month:

Girls carrying sewing machines on their head towards learning centre

Deepalaya learning Centre Gole Kuan: Teachers were diligently tutoring kids on how to make products like bracelets, hand bags, greeting cards, pen stands out of empty ketchup bottles and jam containers, wall hangings, artificial jewellery etc. Products will be displayed during festival season for raising funds, a part of which will be given to the students who made it.

Deepalaya Learning Centre Sanjay Colony: Sanjay Colony wore an entirely different look this summer with volunteers planning lot of activities for the students. They enjoyed teaching, dancing, music and theatre. There were clay classes and arts and crafts classes too.

Deepalaya Learning Centre Titron: The tailoring/stitching class was one of the favourites amongst the girls at DLCT. The enthusiasm and the desire of the girls is so great that every morning they carried and brought machines from the teachers' house to the school to stitch salwar suits, frocks, shorts etc. Scrapbook and origami classes were also organised at the school.

Similar activities were conducted at Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension and Deepalaya School Gusbethi. The summer classes are an extension of what children learn throughout the year. “The bright faces of children, braving the sun when summer is at its peak, give us the momentum to solace their hunger for learning,” says Rupinder Sharma, one of the teachers at DLCGK. We believe in going that extra mile, putting that last effort, giving that one last try for our students and hobby classes are perfect example of this mission,” she adds.



A holistic approach to a fulfilling life


A workshop was conducted by Modi Care Foundation for promoting life skill & adolescent health at Deepalaya Learning center Gole Kuan from 21st April to 24th April in two shifts for boys and girls separately. 14 boys & 15 girls attended the session which was an advanced version of the previous training conducted during November last year. The main aim was to make each participant a master trainer, capable of conducting training. The trainers emphasized on developing different life skills like educational, occupational, livelihood and behavioral.

A workshop on life skill and adolescent health at Gole Kuan

This apart, they also discussed how to counter sexual harassment, resist from taking alcohol, drugs, using abusive language etc. A special session was organized on how to behave properly, how to talk & how to communicate with others.

Each participant was felicitated with a participation certificate. The four days' training had a great impact on the participants as they learnt so many things which they need to pass on to others for bring a long-lasting change in society.

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Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya