Institutional Care 2 (Annual Report 2009-10)


  1. At both the Hostels, the children have set up a small garden and carefully attend to it. The Girl’s garden is called the Eve’s Garden while the boys have named theirs after the various Houses in the Hostel.
  2. Birthdays of staff and children are celebrated without fail.
  3. All religious festivals are celebrated and this helps children to understand the different religions and be more accepting of the same. It is not an uncommon sight to see the Hindu children observing roza along with their Muslim friends and vice versa.
  4. 15 students participated in the Inter NGO Competition and won the second prize for their dance performance and the skit “War against Good and Evil”
  5. With the support of a team from Accenture, a Corporate partner, children learnt to make paper bags
  6. This year saw an increased placement of student interns and volunteers at the Hostel in Deepalaya Gram. This not just brought in much relief to the regular caretakers but also brought in much variety in the activities and management of children. The interns have been from reputed Management Institutes as well as Social Work colleges
  7. Volunteers from across the seas have added a great value especially in building up the language skills. Credit goes to Ms.Corrie Drix,(Netherlands), Mr.Sho(USA), Evylene and Naomi ( Canada) for adding a special touch to the rehabilitation process

The Smile restored

Ashu an inmate of Deepalaya Children Home12 year old Ashu had been identified at a whole sale vegetable market in South Delhi in the year 2007. He was then taken into the care of Deepalaya Swagat Kendra running there. In 2008, when the Centre shut down, Ashu was transferred to Deepalaya Gram. Ashu could not recall anything about his family. He had always been a very temperamental child and very possessive of his belongings and the attention of his favorite caregivers. He settled in well at Gusbethi and soon made many friends, became a well behaved young boy and was noted for the “ever smiling face”.

In June 2009, he suddenly made a mention of Allahabad where he stayed as a child and recalled his mother and a landmark near his home. After ensuring that he was indeed serious, Deepalaya made contact with Child Line Allahabad. (CL is an emergency Helpline for children in distress and has a strong network around the major metros and cities). Our counterparts were able to trace out his mother Akhtari and it was an emotionally laden moment when Ashu was reunited with his mother in Aug 2009.

Reaching High

Ajeet Kumar Mahato and Jacky Bharti, two of the first batch of students who moved to Deepalaya Gram have made us proud. Both moved out after completing their secondary school education and started working in an up-market private school in Delhi in Nov 2008. Undeterred by their responsibilities at school they Ajeet and Jacky inmates of Deepalaya Institutional Care Centreenrolled for their senior secondary education through the NIOS. Ajeet had completed a 6 month diploma in Computer Networking and Application and started working with the Computer Department in the school. Jacky joined as an office boy and was soon looking after practically every Administration related work at school.

Although the boys moved away, Deepalaya has always been their family. Vacations, festivals, birthdays have always brought them back to the Deepalaya Gram campus. They serve as positive role models to all the other boys and girls at the Hostels.

Jacky and Ajeet have recently qualified their senior secondary schooling and now look forward to training in Physical Education, Computer Application respectively. What kept them going despite the fact that they were earning and away from the watchful eyes of Deepalaya Hostel rules- “the values that Deepalaya has given us. We always wanted to complete schooling and then become graduates. That time has come now. When we look back at our childhood and the moment Deepalaya’s Ram Singh uncle first befriended us and brought us here, we realize how lucky we are,” they said.




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