Lets build a ray of hope in disaster-struck Chennai

While the rain has subsided, Chennai is still gasping for breath. Tens of thousands of people were marooned with power cut, scarcity of drinking water and other essential commodities. Even though the government has not yet declared the official death toll, the police estimate has put to be around 541. As water receded, several bodies were found in the flats and houses. Chennai is faced with one of the worst disasters it ever faced in this century. Millions have lost their houses, belongings and livelihood. It would take years for Chennai to regain its lost glory.

Chennai Relief items

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Our heart goes out to everyone in Chennai. While we pray for the well-being of those who are surviving and who have lost their kith and kin during the tragedy, as a human being it is our duty to stand with the people of Chennai in this hour of need. The government and civil society organisations are working hand in hand in the relief activities.

Let’s join our hands together to reach out to more and more people. Let’s do our bit in restoring Chennai back to life. Your contribution shall be used in providing immediate relief to people deployed specifically for this purpose in Chennai.

Let’s do our bit in helping Chennai overcome this catastrophe

  1. Dry Ration-(rice, pulses, spices, sugar, tea leaves),
  2. Medicines
  3. School supply material
  4. Clothes - Sarees, jeans/trousers, dhotis, children clothing & new undergarments,
  5. Monetary contribution


Disclaimer: Please don’t give spoiled clothes, expired medicines and perishable food items.


Dropping Point for relief materal

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