Mainstreaming the Differently-Abled 2 (Annual Report 2009-10)


  1. 22 new students were enrolled at the Special Unit this year.
  2. Four children have been main-streamed into formal school. All the children who have been mainstreamed are regularly followed up for remedial training.
  3. Community and home visits are an integral part of the programme, facilitating the reworking of myths and attitudes as well as a way of ensuring regularity of the children and preventing drop-outs.
  4. The assessment of each child is done through a professional agencies like National Institute of Mental Health and Individual Education Plans are drawn up for each child based on the assessment.
  5. Our very special achievers, Reena and Brijesh, who made us and the whole country proud last year by winning individual medals at the World Winter Games organized by Special Olympics in Idaho, USA, are continuing in good form. Along with another of our students, Digamber, they have participated in the unified sports demonstration held by Special Olympics Bharat- Delhi at Lady Irwin College, Delhi
  6. The Deepalaya Special Unit took the initiative of organizing District Games for special children on the 1st and 2nd December 2009. The event saw participation from 11 schools and NGOs working with the differently-abled.
  7. 12 students participated in the Yamuna Cleaning programme at Kudsia Ghat. Most importantly for us, our students Reena and Brijesh gained exposure and confidence by presenting their views through sign language at a Press Meet organized on November 25th that was covered by the media.
  8. This year, students from the Special Unit had a strong presence in the yearlong calendar of cultural and social events - a workshop on Art and Craft organized by the National Museum, the annual Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited Perfect Health Mela, International Disability Day,Inclusive Cultural Fiesta, Laxman Public School, and at the Paryaavaran Haat at South Delhi
  9. We were made proud by our student Rakesh, who was felicitated as Student of the Year at SAMMAN, (Nation’s Pride Award) held by Special Olympics, Bharat, on December 20, 2009. Our staff member, Babita, was also felicitated for her achievement in the field of special education

Therapy on Wheels (ToW)

Special Instructor with the child in the Therapy on WheelsDriving special therapy to the doorstep

August 2009 saw the formal launch of the “Therapy on Wheels “project which has been supported by the Steel Authority of India Limited. The Bus operates from two locations at South Delhi – Jagdamba Camp and Bhoomiheen camp. 18 beneficiaries, from ages 3 to 25 years, are being provided regular rehabilitative services. These include special education, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy as well as involvement in sports and creative activities. (See table on Beneficiaries of TOW)


  1. Involving the family and community has been fundamental to the success of Therapy on Wheels. With regular counselling, the project staff also disseminates information about different types of government schemes available for the differently-abled.
  2. At the behest of the Special Unit team, 13 beneficiaries registered at the Disability Camp at the Madan Mohan Malviya Hospital and received disability certificates, DTC passes (travel), identity cards and other necessary documents which will further facilitate them becoming a part of the mainstream society.




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