Mainstreaming The Differently Abled (Annual Report 13 - 14)

Mainstreaming the Differently Abled

The differently-abled aren't that different; all they need is the right guidance and training to help bring out their latent potential. Our Special Unit focuses on reaching out, training and rehabilitating children with special needs by offering services, such as – Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Pre- Vocational/Vocational Training

New Enrollments  
Batch A 9
Batch B 7
Hearing and speech impaired 6
Production unit 3
Physiotherapy OPD 3
Total 28

Special education and therapy for Differently Abled students

Special education and therapy for differently abled students

Parent – Teacher Meetings

The third Saturday of every month is reserved for PTMs. The progress of each child is discussed with his/her parents. Special educators take extra care to counsel new parents and help them overcome the 'my child is cursed by the gods' mentality.

Community Visits

Regular community visits were done for the follow up of the cases being absent and for home management, new identification, mainstreaming of the cases.

Production Unit

Seven vocationally trained students prepare and sell items such as photo frames, greeting cards, quilled miniatures and many more. The income generated from the sale is given to the students to help them become self reliant.

Breathing new life into the programme

Jyoti Sagar Associates extended their support by renovating the floor and constructing disable friendly toilets. Old physiotherapy equipments were also replaced. Laj Jagdish Foundation will enter into an MoU with Deepalaya to take forward this program for differntly abled which will carve out better community based rehabilitation program.

Rising above his physical limitations.

Utkarsh - a differently abled childUtkarsh is a 6yr old child who suffers from Spine Cyrinx. Due to the fluid-filled neurological cavity in his spinal cord, Utkarsh has weak muscles and faces difficulty in learning, talking and moving with coordination.

He was found during a community visit and his parents were counseled regarding his condition and the ways in which he could improve. Over the year, the brave boy has undergone speech therapy and extensive physiotherapy to improve his basic communication and motor skills. Today, Utkarsh has been mainstreamed into our formal school in LKG and continues to show consistent improvement.



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