Manpreet Brar

Deepalaya Friends-Manpreet Brar

Manpreet Brar noted beauty paegant came to know of Deepalaya during a fund raising event. "When I saw the children and their eagerness and enthusiasm in their eyes I was prompted to visit the Deepalaya School nearly five years back. It was then that I deceded to become a sponsor parent and support a child to get educated."
"During my maiden visit I realised students in this school have the urge and desire to come to school probably due to the love and care the teachers give to each child." I wish to congratulate Deepalaya on completion of two decades, and I am confident you would have many people supporting your project."
Manpreet attributes her success to the education she has received since childhood. At Deepalaya, I found that the children, despite living in adverse conditions, had the motivation to attend school and get educated."

On the condition of the girl child she said,"A marked change has come about during the last 2-3 years when professionally and academically, girls have been rubbing shoulders with their male counterparts. There are many homes in India, where girls are bread winners today."
She assured her support to promote the cause of Deepalaya in the media "I feel we should empower children to take up issues related to their future and allow them to make the choice,"Ms Brar added




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya