Marketing and Fundraising 1 (Annual Report 2009-10)

In the Financial Year 2009-10, we received support from different Corporates, individual donors, foreign foundations and sponsorships. The support was under the financial as well as employee volunteering support. The total fund raised during this year was ` 5.5 corers under the following categories.

Corporate fund raising

Deepalaya received support under the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of its corporate partners. While Hewitt, Bechtel, DHL and CISCO added to theFundraising at Deepalaya new partners’ list, Amway continued supporting the education of 22 children at Deepalaya School. Oriflame India through its parent company, the af Jochnik Foundation, Sweden extended support for the fourth year to educate a 1000 Deepalaya girls. Notable to mention is that Oriflame for the first time deviated from its policy of supporting projects for only three years. In February 2010 the Company launched the Power of Kiss initiative which aimed at raising more resources for girl child education. Rs.6 per lipstick sold in the month was pledged for girl child education at Deepalaya. The event received wide media publicity.

Huawei Telecommunications continued for the second year, the support for Skill Training of the Physically and Mentally challenged. CISCO renewed its commitment to helping children from distressed backgrounds by starting its employee pay roll programme.

The Corporates not only supported with funding but also engaged the children through various employee volunteering programmes which brought in much innovation and fun at the different projects. Pay Roll giving continued through Give Foundation, Charities Aid Foundation and the Axis Bank.

Institutional funding

Deepalaya raised money from foundations like Colveta, Intrepid, Ram Jethmalani Foundation (sponsorship of 50 children at Deepalaya School) along with Shinnyo-en Scholarship programme.




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Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya