Member of Credibility Alliance

Deepalaya gains Credibility It is a matter of honour that Deepalaya is a certified member of Credibility Alliance, a consortium of voluntary organisations and networks, which has come together to enhance good governance in the voluntary sector. With literally tens of thousands of NGOs existing and each claiming to be doing good work, it becomes difficult for the lay person to differentiate the professional ones from the others. This is a point of importance to both individuals and organizations as they feel they should do something by which society would benefit. Not having the time or the expertise to contribute where it will have the maximum positive impact, they turn to an NGO. Then they wish there was some way of easily assessing them. This is where the credibility certificate plays a useful role. One organization that is involved in according such a certificate on NGOs is the Credibility Alliance. The Alliance has a set of norms which any NGO has to fulfil before being declared credible. Once a NGO gets the credibility certificate, it benefits both the NGO and the donors. The NGO benefits as the certificate of credibility sends strong signals to the potential donors that it has been screened by a professional organization and is doing good work. The donors also benefit as they are short on time and it saves them the effort of doing their own diligence of different organisations. Most lay persons would find it difficult to know what to look for while doing this diligence. Instead, they have the comfort of knowing that the screening has been done for them. What norms does the Credibility Alliance use to determine whether an NGO is credible or not? They include the following elements: Identity, Vision, Aims, Objectives and Achievements, Governance, Operations, Accountability and Transparency. It is mandatory for all members of the Alliance to comply with the Minimum Norms or give an undertaking that they will comply with all the Norms within a year. After due study of Deepalaya, the Alliance found that Deepalaya qualified under all the Norms it had set forth. Deepalaya currently holds the certificate from the Allianace which reads in part as: Deepalaya adheres to the norms prescribed for good governance of voluntary organisations and is admitted to the membership of Credibility Alliance. This certification assures that all donations made to Deepalaya will be utilized well and all donors will know how their contribution has made a difference. We have had many benefits as a result of this certification. For instance, Give India has a list that reads as "carefully screened NGOs or NGOs chosen after due diligence was done" and Deepalaya is placed under this category. Because of this, a number of individuals and organizations have approached us as donors.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya