Microfinance 2 (Annual Report 2009-10)

  • Deepalaya staff has motivated members to join the pulse polio programme and avail family planning facilities and institutional deliveries.
  • 496 beneficiaries have directly availed services of 4 health camps organized by Deepalaya.
  • More than 400 women attended the celebration of Women’s Day organized by the Delhi and Uttarakhand SHG and Micro Finance Project.
  • The development of overall linkages has seen an increase in the number of people taking advantage of institutions like Hospitals Schools, Banks, Panchayats Rajkumar an SHG memberetc, with an increased awareness of citizens’ rights regarding these.

Impact assessment

Results derived from a study by Mary Ballantyne (Director, Children’s Aid Society of Simcoe County and Volunteer with Deepalaya).

An independent impact assessment study of Deepalaya’s SHGs and Micro finance Programme was carried out in Tauru (Haryana) during 2009. The findings revealed that there has been an empirical improvement in all of the 7 parameters that were studied: Financial, Hygiene / Nutrition, Health, Social, Family Life, Education, and Participation of Women in the Community. The study also reported gains in areas that are not as clearly measurable: development of a productive support system for the women and the increased ability to discuss and deal with complex social issues.

Improving Functional Literacy.

NCRI funded project for SHG leaders in Mewat District, Haryana

A project for imparting functional literacy for SHG members in Mewat District was approved by the National Council of Rural Institutes, Hyderabad. The activities commenced in September 2009 and 50 SHG leaders were trained on topics like—reproductive and Child Health, Personal Hygiene and Environmental Sanitation, Domestic Violence, Water Conservation and Management, Alcoholism and its management, Naturopathy over a period of 12 days. They then went onto impart the training, further to the SHG members in their villages. Through this process Deepalaya has made a mark on several thousands of women requiring these vital informations to safeguard their own lives and that of their families.

The sessions on Domestic Violence had a major impact. Many women came forward to narrate the harassment they are facing at the hands of their husband / families and the Protection Officer provided individual counselling. Sunaina (name changed) from a remote village of Mewat District was worried as her sister in law had filed a dowry case against the family. Attending the session has given Aisha adequate knowledge about all legal procedures and she was further able to take on the legal challenges.




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