Microfinance 5 (Annual Report 2009-10)

Health Camp organised by GRC

Legal Literacy and Nutrition Camp by GRC

  • Vocational Training
    Course Enrolment
    Cutting & Tailoring 15
    Beauty & Culture 24
    In addition to providing the training, the GRC also provides forward and backward linkages with Banks and Financial Institution and Government Schemes such as Swarn Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY), Rashtriya Mahila Kosh etc.
  • Health services have focused on sensitizing women towards their health needs and promote good health seeking behavior. In the period between October’09 and March’10. Health Camps have addressed over 500 people on various issues. Two hundred beneficiaries have directly benefited from the services of a gynecologist, pediatrician and general physician.
  • Nutrition Camps add further impetus to the health focus as data shows high nutritional deficiencies among Indian women. In the period upto March.2010, pregnant and lactating women were particularly addressed by a trained dietician who also taught them to cook to retain the nutritional value of the food.
  • Legal Camps: These camps have provided the women with basic awareness about the legal rights and provided them legal aid through approved Government Bodies like the Delhi Commission for Women, Delhi Legal services Authority, Mahila Panchayat.
  • Economic Empowerment has also been addressed by formation of Self Help Groups and linkages for Micro- Finance. In the six months of the program, three SHGs were formed with thirty six members and a total savings of Rs.8200.

Justice delayed... but not denied Ms. Harmit Kaur a resident of Guru Nanak Nagar lived with her husband and three children aged between 3years and 12 years. Harmit had been facing a lot of domestic violence and had been thrown out of her house by her husband Kala Singh. All attempts by relatives and neighbors to resolve the issues went unheard.

Harmit Kaur attended the legal awareness camp at Deepalaya GRC and discussed her situation with the Counsellor Ms. Chitra Panchkaran. The case was referred to ‘*Vikasini’* ‘ a Family Counseling Center. Patient efforts made by the GRC team to meet Kala Singh paid dividends with Kala Singh all matters discussed and differences sorted out. The extended family was also counselled and all were advised to make a fresh start. A written assurance was given by Kala Singh that he would be fully responsible for and improve his behavior towards his wife and children. Harmit has since moved back to her matrimonial house and the GRC team is in regular touch with the family.




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